Obituary (in English)

noun: obituary; plural noun: obituaries
a notice of a death, especially in a newspaper, typically including a brief biography of the deceased person

The first time I got introduced by this term is when I was in Dreamcatcher Summit by AIESEC in Bandung, told by Bang Regi Wahyu. He is a CEO of Mediatrac, a big data analyst company. Dreamcatcher Summit end goal is to find our passion through the reflection of many highly achiever person they presented. So yep Bang Regi was asking us, what would be the 'thing' that people talk about us to others when we die. The 'thing' could be our achievement, our flaws, the most remembrance thing about us. And by pulling those obituary moment in the present time we would be able to choose what our 'thing' that should be remembered by others. And that is what I called a Life Goal.

Because in the end, All what we want to do is to be remembered good

 I should have been write one right after the summit ended, but plan is just a plan or what many called as 'wacana'. And this post should have had my obituary, but yeah I was not ready with that yet. It is hard to crafting my future at the moment. For me it's still blur with too many branches of possibilities.

But the important thing is, I want to share this great idea and new approach to make your Life Goal Statement. Here is the obituary that bang Regi created for himself as the example for all of you the internet wanderer.

He is an amazing person tho. While I am just sitting here crazily dreaming about making my advance tech startup in IoT, he is living my dream. That big data thing is a huge and super valuable resources for every needs of every lifeforms. Personally I think the outcome of it is limitless. Hmm, if only I was studying in Jakarta, I really would applied to his company right away. What is the greater way to rule the world compared to the ability to utilize Big Data? I will have the knowledge of the new war strategy to conquer the world in this modern era.

Greetings from Bandung, Indonesia!
Xtraordinary Lady

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