Now and Then

I called myself an ordinary girl cause that's who I am now.
I'm nobody. When people heard the name 'Eraulia Nadinda Rachmat' they would have just replied with a common phrase like 'Pardon, who?' 'Sorry, who is it again?' 'Nope, never heard of that name' 'I think I've heard it before, I'll check my LINE contacts'

At the end of my life countdown, when it's reached zero, I want to be known. Not as a famous or a popular 'person'. Yes, I don't need to be remembered as a person. It's too much. I just want to be remembered through my thoughts, these writings. That someone, somewhere and somehow got inspired and do better than I did after reading my thoughts that poured into words shown here.

I will put some xtra efforts from now to share everything I've been through. Then hopefully I will be able to earn the additional 'xtra-' title and transform into a lady.

Greetings from Bandung, Indonesia!
Xtraordinary Lady

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