After Coding Boot Camp: A Dream Comes True

"I like your spirit to pursue programming, you're accepted to be our new front-end developer", said the CEO at the end of the interview.

I wasn't expected anything when I came to that interview. After finishing my last coding boot camp in Tangerang I got several job test invitations. I still had my doubts, am I really capable to work as a software developer? Because most of the tests required me to do an online coding test, I decided to take the coding test anyway as a practice. Although I must say I took them lightly cause getting a full time job was not my priority, I still like to study more and location-wise, I don't really like to live in Jakarta for too long.

Then I moved to Surabaya, my hometown. It is really good to be back. At first I wanted to take a German course, more freelancing gigs and data science online courses while I wait for the answer from German universities. My first week in Surabaya was awesome. I met my old friends from Data Science Indonesia East Java Chapter and some new friends when I went to machine learning workshop one weekend. Then suddenly at one evening I got called from a recruiter.

She found my profile in the system and told me about a job opportunity. I thought it was just another job opening for Jakarta placement. But I was wrong, it is in Surabaya! I was excited yet scared at the same time. I was told it would be interview first then coding test.
"What if I couldn't answer using the right technical terms at the interview?", that's what I thought.

I decided to go anyway cause it's so rare to get an opportunity in Surabaya. Surprisingly, the interview turned out completely different than what I imagined. I met the CEO directly. He only asked me about the reason I switched to tech despite the career I already had in finance. And I basically told him what I've been telling you here in my blog. The interview only lasted for less than 30 minutes and the opening of this post is the result. No coding test. Lately I know there is a senior developer who just got hired last month, he went through a coding test and a psychology test. Lucky me eh?

So one thing is checked from my list of dreams: to become a programmer.

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