Life After Graduation (in English)

I am not sure if this blog has any regular visitor or not (based on my stats there is none haha).
But, everything needs some process right? For now, I'm happy to be a bit productive by adding some posts to this blog. I need to keep tracking of what I've been doing anyway. Why would I keep this to myself if I could share my journey to the world, right?

Soo, I have graduated from SBM ITB (OMG this is like the opening of my Cover Letter haha). Just last October 2017, I finally did it! I have a bachelor's degree now. 

Mandatory spot for SBM students to take photos

But, I'm also taking part as one of the 618,758 people under the unemployment rate for those with University degree in Indonesia (2017), forgive me my nation!

Can I take a break for a moment? I have finished a four-year-bachelor's-degree in only 3 years..
My Answer? NOPE.

I have prepared my CV long before I had my Diploma. Right after I only had my bachelor's thesis to be done I applied for every junior analyst position I could find. The result? no answer from the employer. I thought the reason I failed was only because I haven't had my Diploma at that time.

But that's what I thought.. The reality? I'm still unemployed up until I published this post.

And there goes one moment excitement (taken from here)

I do take part of this wonderful tech startup with a totally-related-vision in inclusive education. But with only some knowledge I got during university? That's not enough to run a company. I need much much more experience.

Go sharing economy! (courtesy of

My job hunting progress?
I got some interview invitation from several Banks under their development program. Even from this one major competition to win a 13 years of acceleration program to be a vice president of the state-owned bank. But as I had a long deep reflection of where do I want to drive myself in this life, I had to say goodbye to those companies even before I could join them. Call me naive, but I have my reasons.

That's where I looked back to my past, trying to connecting the dots. What have I done in my life? What things that I liked to do, What are my strengths really? Who am I?

I still don't know the exact answer to those questions. But, I discovered my long-forgotten hobby, Installing pc games.

What? How's that related to your career?

It was not just a regular clicking next after next button kind of installing. I liked to modify my games. It's called the mod version. I enjoyed the creative process of making my own version of the game. Have I told you I wanted to take a Game Technology program as my bachelor's degree?

Back to my Integrative Business Experience course at Uni, I also had a responsibility to develop a product, with my team of course. But I also enjoyed the process of brainstorming, researching, really seeing my product has a new life from a bunch of raw materials to a something brand new.

I have my own conclusion based on those findings: I like making products.

That's why I took a major risk, a crazy decision, shifting my way to the other side of my last spectrum (on social science), teaching myself programming. Now it's time to be the hacker (glasses on) in the hipster, hustler, hacker circle.

My first ever hackaton (as a hustler not the hacker)

Can I finally find my way to a fulfilling career? Will I change direction again? 

YOLO, listen to your heart more, listen to the haters much much less.

This is where the real hustlbustl begin. Enjoy the process my fellow fresh graduates!


  1. Thank you for sharing your story at binar connect :D

  2. Well Said. Life is tough but that's what makes life interesting (hard to digest but true).